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Jennifer J. Cornell | DDS, FAGD
Caleb T. King | DMD

Root Canal Therapy

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Inside every tooth is a pulp full of nutrients and nerves. If this pulp becomes diseased or injured, this important and delicate pulp dies. If you don’t remove it, your tooth will become infected and may have to be pulled. But now, even teeth with disease deep in the nerve can be saved with a root canal.

Many people think of root canals as a scary and painful procedure, but thanks to modern surgical techniques and anesthetics, it is often one of the easiest and most painless. Once you are comfortable and the area is numbed, we remove the diseased pulp, clean the root canal, and seal it off to protect it. We then place a crown on the tooth to make it strong and healthy, and to keep out bacteria.

Because molar teeth are the most complicated teeth to root canal our office feels treatment by a root canal specialist, or Endodontist, is needed.  Our talented Endodontists in the area have all invested in microscopes to treat complicated teeth.  This allows them to easily locate canals and negotiate them with ease and efficiency, providing you a better overall experience and confidence knowing the root canal therapy was done correctly.  If we feel we cannot provide the best treatment due to a complicated canal configuration we will provide you a referral to one of our local Endodontists and even schedule an appointment for you with them.  Once the root canal treatment is completed and you are released by the Endodontist we will complete any restorative needs for the tooth.

We work hard to exceed your expectations for root canal treatment by providing the highest level of surgical excellence as well as a fun and pampering environment for all patients. This outstanding combination of skill and attentive concern for every patient’s comfort makes Back 2 Basics Dentistry the best choice, where our goal is always to help you Smile More!