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Jennifer J. Cornell | DDS, FAGD
Caleb T. King | DMD

Orthodontics and Minor Tooth Movement

At Back 2 Basics Dentistry we understand what an impact a beautiful smile can have on your life. Not only do we work with our area Orthodontists to help you achieve that smile but we can also offer a full line of minor tooth movement options in our office.
Six Month Smiles is an adult tooth colored braces options that allow us to move and align teeth in as little as 6-9 months. This is great for expanding dental arches to allow room for straightening and aligning front teeth.
We also offer a full array of clear aligners. Clear aligners work by switching out trays every few weeks. The treatment is slightly longer than traditional braces and the trays must be worn most hours of the day to do their job. We work with multiple clear aligner partners to design your treatment. From as little as moving one or two teeth to expanding dental arches and moving multiple teeth.

Our dentists have been trained in the area of minor teeth movement and we know our limitations and when to refer you to our talented Orthodontists in our area. We won’t take your case on unless we feel confident we can get the results you want. We offer payment plans for these procedures that work with your monthly budget.